1. In part PlayTV makes available to its Users remote receivers and applications to access and manage broadcast television signals remotely via the Internet utilising supported personal devices including smart phones, tablets, personal computers, netbooks and certain other types of devices capable of Internet connection.
2. Other channels which PlayTV offers are delivered via the channel’s website “as-is” without changing, modifying or interrupting the stream.
3. PlayTV licences EPG information and enriches such information for use within its intelligent TV guide within its applications.


These Terms and Policies reflect the product PlayTV and which is defined in 3 parts: 3rd party Live streaming, Hardware leasing and Interactive Applications.

1. PlayTV
PlayTV is open to eligible members of the public, to enable them to use the service as a secondary display with interactive applications and intelligent TV Guide.
Membership is free and there are charges for the use of notifications and the use of the personalised interactive applications.
Use of this website is perfectly lawful provided that members abide by the terms of service, the full details of which are shown below.
By using this website, members agree to be bound by these terms and conditions detailed hereunder.

"Accessories" shall mean any additional software application that modifies the use of the downloadable Assistant that facilitates or makes available additional functionality which may be provided by this website or by independent third parties over whom this website has no control.
"Assistant" shall mean any software application provided at time of signup or subsequently, which can be downloaded from the Site, which enables registered Users to use this website for additional purposes to be specified at the time of launching such facilities.
"Content" shall mean all data that is provided directly or indirectly to the user, including but not limited to images, sounds, text, multimedia applications such as e.g. video and audio, software and any other applications including all software used within the site itself and any updates, releases or developments thereof.
"EULA" shall mean End User License Agreement, as amended from time to time, whether issued by this site at the present or any subsequent time or by any affiliate or content provider.
"ISP" shall mean internet, telecommunications, cable or other network service providers, as used by User in order to access the Internet and use the Services provided by this site.
"Licence" means any licence, authority or permit lawfully held by any user, or otherwise required to be held by any User, for the reception of television signals.
"Residence" means the territory/country in which the User resides and in which the User is situated at the time of accessing this website.
"Services" shall mean (a) the Site and/or the Assistant an/or any Accessories and (b) the services provided through the Site and/or the Assistant an/or any Accessories and (c) all Content made available through the Site and/or the Assistant an/or any Accessories r, as amended, expanded, modified or reduced from time to time.
"Streaming" means access to live content simultaneous to it is being broadcast.
"Site" shall mean playtv.gr, any other webpage therein or any other website or webpage determined by playtv.gr. "Territory" is the country or countries in which the User is lawfully entitled to use the Services by virtue of Residence or Licence.
"Terms of Service" shall mean General Terms and Conditions of Use, as amended from time to time and as detailed below.
"Member" is a private person of legal age and/or with sufficient legal capacity to conclude agreements, who has read, understood and accepted the EULA and Terms of Service and who will use the Services for private use only in the area in which the broadcast being watched is intended to be viewed, subject to the EULA and Terms of Service.
"Member ID" are identifiers specific to the User including but not limited to User's e-mail address, User names, passwords etc. that are required to access certain parts of the Site and/or to use the Services. Playtv may amend, modify, expand or reduce the User ID conditions at any time.

Playtv provides an online TV streaming service to users for personal, private and domestic use only, to qualified members who may only access the website from the area from within which the broadcast was intended to be viewed and strictly subject to the Terms and Conditions set out within.
By indicating their acceptance of the EULA and Terms of Service, members confirm that they are of legal age and meet all legal conditions to commit themselves to these Terms of Service, that they have read, understood and agree to these Terms of Service, that they will abide by such terms and will indemnify Playtv in respect of any failure on their part for failure to do so.
These Terms of Service may be modified, extended or replaced at any time, and notice will be given of such changes in the forum at such times. It is the member's responsibility to make themselves aware of such changes by visiting the forums regularly.

4.1 Membership application
Users are required to provide accurate and complete information upon application for membership of this website, and are limited to one account per member.

4.2 User identification
Members agree to keep their membership details confidential and to only use his or her personal Member ID when logging in and using the Services and not communicate this to others.

4.3 Compliance with legal and other restrictions
Members are solely responsible for any and all activities carried out using their computer, including the need to take adequate precautions to safeguard against trojans, spyware, malware, viruses, and other threats to their security and that of any network to which they are connected.
Members are responsible the use of their computers and access to the services provided, including access by minors whether under their control or otherwise, or those of a particular disposition with regard to access to broadcast content
Members undertake to refrain from any act or omission that would be contrary to the laws of the country in which they are accessing this website.
Members will not engage in any illegal, unacceptable or unauthorized use or access to third party property such as e.g. computers, hardware, networks, software and data and each User will refrain from any action which damages or could damage, compromise or destroy third party property such as e.g. computers, hardware, networks, software or data or which circumvents, interferes with or otherwise hinders or hampers the functionality or the use of the Services.
It is the member's sole responsibility to establish whether the use they put to the service provided require authorization or registration with any third party, whether any fees or licences for the receipt of TV programs or other broadcasting formats apply or whether any copyright royalties are due. Each User acknowledges and agrees that he or she will diligently and expediently comply with such obligations at all times, and continue to do so for so long as they shall continue to use the Service
Members are required to respect and uphold all rights and intellectual property of those whose content is or may be made available using the services provided, which are provided for personal, private and domestic use of the individual member only and provided he or she is situated within the area for which the broadcast concerned is intended.

4.4 Private and Personal use only
Members shall only use the Services for his/her own private, personal and domestic purposes. Members shall in particular not make the Services available and accessible to third parties, e.g. to an open group of people by exposure or display of the Services in public areas, including but not limited to cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, show rooms, hotels, bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, or other public spaces. The receipt or further transmission of content and the use of the services in such areas is illegal and violates third party rights including but not limited to copyrights and public performance licences.
Members acknowledge that the Services may only be used if the legal and technical conditions are fulfilled. It is each members; sole responsibility to make sure that his or her computer, IT systems, software and components fulfil the system requirements in order to be able to use the Services and that the contract between the User and his or her ISP permit the use of the Services, in particular regarding bandwidth use.
Members are solely responsible for the costs of accessing/using the services provided.
Members may not link to URLs, use i-frames (or "in page viewers"), access content unless through the browser interface or an approved application or otherwise misuse the service.

4.5 Respect for copy-righted material
Members acknowledges that all Content made available in relation with the services provided by this site are subject to copyright and are for private, personal, domestic and instantaneous viewing at the time of receipt. Members may not temporarily or permanently store or copy any of the Content nor may User otherwise make the services and content available to third parties, e.g. by modifying, circumventing or removing any Digital Rights Management (DRM) functions and procedures, by selling, leasing, sublicensing, distributing, broadcasting, transmitting, modifying, translating or otherwise amending the services including conversions of content into other formats etc.
Members may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise intend to make any software used in combination with the Services or available at any time on this website, including the source code, available to third parties, unless where categorically permitted by other agreements.
Members may not provide links to this site, nor use this site either embedded within another site ("I-Frames") neither may they use or distribute URLS to allow others to do so.
Members further acknowledge and agrees that also other third party data published on the Playtv website or otherwise made available in combination with the Services may also be copyright protected or otherwise protected by intellectual property rights and members undertake that he or she will not copy or otherwise use such data without the rights holder's consent or otherwise complying with the relevant laws.

4.6 Legal restrictions on use of the services
The use of services and in particular the content accessed may be restricted to persons and audiences who meet certain requirements such as being of legal age as provided by local laws etc. Each member is individually and solely responsible for the use he or she may make of the site, for their choices of viewing and for the suitability of that content for viewing.
In particular, members shall pay particular regard to the protection of minors under their supervision, and shall not permit unsupervised access and take all reasonable steps to protect minors and those with any vulnerability or susceptibility from viewing content unsuited to them.
Playtv accepts no responsibility or liability for any action, neglect, omission or oversight of the member or of any third party in this respect.

4.7 Territorial limitations
User undertakes only to use the Services in the country in which he or she Resides and in the area in which the broadcast was intended to be viewed. Members acknowledge that the availability of certain TV channels may vary if using the services in a different country to that of the country of their personal residence.

4.8 Members duty to advise
Members undertake to immediately inform Playtv of any defects, disruptions or non-availability of Services which it gains knowledge of and, in particular, of any use of the services that are illegal or in breach of the EULA and/or the Terms of Service on the part of the member (e.g. hackers, abuse of site terms and conditions, linking, etc.).

4.9 Obligation to hold Playtv harmless
Members shall hold Playtv admin and moderators or auxiliary persons harmless from any claims of third parties filed against any or all of the aforementioned parties, arising out of the violation of any of the terms of service and actions of users.

5.1 Cost of services
The use of the Services is completely free of charge for the User.
The personalised view of the TV Guide is accessed via a subscription service.
Playtv reserves the right to modify or alter its revenue model at any time.

5.2 Internet and other usage costs
Each user is responsible for their own costs of use including, but not limited to, computing resources, network costs, internet access, ISP charges, and those of any telecommunications intermediary involved in the process of making services available.

Members acknowledge and confirm and the use of the services is at the member's sole discretion and risk and that they employ suitable and up to date virus checking software

6.1 Disclaimer regarding the right and title to the services provided
Playtv does not represent, warrant or claim, whether expressly or implied that it has any or all right and title to the services or that any specific service that is or may be provided to not necessarily violate third party rights.
Playtv does not represent, warrant or claim, whether expressly or implied that the content or other third party content provided via the services such as TV programs, advertisement etc. is accurate, complete, factual legal and that it does not infringe any third party rights. Playtv does not warrant or assume responsibility for any product, application or service advertised or offered by a third party in combination with the use of the services or displayed on the site or otherwise made available for access.
Playtv is not liable for any violation of legal provisions or for damages of third party rights which result from the misuse of the member's personal details provided for the purpose of login.

7.1 Duration
The right to use the Services is granted as from the date on which member accepts the Terms of Service and first accesses the website. Such right is granted for an unlimited period of time, subject to the compliance of applicable law and the EULA and/ or the Terms of Service by each member.

7.2 Cessation
Members may cease the use of the Service at all times, in which case they are required to permanently remove any software they may have downloaded for use in combination with any of the services provided.
Playtv may at any time discontinue the provision of the Services or of part of it without having to notify members, without having to give any reason for the cessation of the Services to members and without giving right to any claim for compensation to members. Upon notice of cessation by Playtv, members must immediately cease all use of the Services and completely erase all copies of any relevant software in User's possession or control.
Playtv will not be liable for any damages caused by cessation of the Services.

8.1 We reserve the right to make changes or corrections, alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of our website or the content or services available through it, including your access to it. Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, any new features including new content and/or new features shall be subject to these terms and conditions.

8.2 Please note that although we try to ensure that the content of our website is accurate, our website may contain typographical errors or other inaccuracies.

9.1 You may only register for a Playtv Membership if you use the Site and the Equipment to receive television signals that are available in your Home Market.

9.2 You may be eligible to register for a monthly or annual Membership. All Memberships, in whatever form or for whatever duration, are subject to these Terms. Our Membership fees are subject to change without notice.

9.3 You Membership may automatically renew under this agreement. Your Membership will continue for the length of time that you elected at registration and then it will automatically renew for additional pre-paid periods of the same length at the Membership price then in effect unless you cancel by signing into your account and clicking “cancel” as set forth above.